5 Steps to Interviewing a Wedding Planner

The Christmas season is by far the most popular time of the year for engagements.  It’s exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time.

Ask the right questions during the process of hiring a wedding planner.

Ask the right questions during the process of hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding blogs, magazines, friends, free advice all start to roll around in your head and  makes the process of planning your wedding overwhelming when it should be one of the most joy filled times of your life.  Then, add to it picking your date, finding a venue hiring a caterer and deciding on a theme?  How are you supposed to juggle all of that AND keep your job?

Hire a planner!  It is their full time job, and they know exactly who to trust and what to ask.  When interviewing someone for the job, there are 5 key things you should look for.

1.  How do they communicate with clients?
Make sure you know how you will be keeping in contact with each other.  Does email or phone work better?  How does she feel about meeting in person? Is there a limit to how many in person meetings you can ask for? It is a good idea to find out how often you should communicate with your planner. Would weekly be better for you, or would you like for your planner to take the reigns and keep you posted when necessary.

2.  How many clients does the planner have in the year and month of your wedding?
This answer will give you an idea of how much your planner will be available to you during the planning process. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and requires great attention to detail. If your planner has too many weddings booked around the same time as yours, the success of your event—not to mention your trust in her ability to juggle it all—could suffer. High-end planners should book no more than 1-2 weddings per month, whereas day-of coordinators can get away with 3-4 weddings per month.

3. Does the planner work alone, or do they have a support staff?
There is a lot more coordination involved in planning an event with 300 guests than compared to one that has only 75 guests.  does the planner have any assistants?  Who will be present on your wedding day?  make sure you feel confident that your planner will have enough support to handle all the details.  You want to feel confident that she has it handled.

4. EMERGENCY??!!  Yes, they do happen.
Regardless of how much planning work you do, things go wrong sometimes.   Ask your planner about a Plan B. What does she plan if she can’t make it to your wedding?  A great planner will have a back up plan for every scenario that comes up, including her own illness or emergency.

5. Is there any additional fees you need to know about?
This question is one that isn’t often talked about until after all the vendors are hired, but you should ask it up front to avoid unexpected costs.  A caterer’s estimate, for example will include charges for food, labor, taxes and gratuity, bu you may still need to tip the servers at the end of the night.  Ask you planner to explain any potential hidden costs that may come up with each vendor or service so you are able to plan your budget accordingly.

When all of your questions are answered sufficiently, be sure to take the time to ask the potential planner if they have any questions for you!  Most likely they will have been asking you a lot during the interview.  You are both trying to get to know each other and see how well you will work together.  After all , you will be spending the next 9-12 months together planning the best day of your life!

Don’t forget to interview 2-4 planners before deciding.  Be confident in who you choose.

Do you have more questions?  Contact our team today and get them answered.


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